Consistent Quality with Recorded Backing Music

There are a number of facets in the field of backing music, but providing quality music for singers and individual instruments is the primary use for this technology. However, just because this is the most common use – and the most popular – it does not mean that creative individuals haven’t come up with a number of other ways to make use of pre-recorded music. 9427670_irig-mic-cast--check-out-this-simple-sound_af6491b9_m A standard example would be a single individual with a fine voice who uses backing music to provide a foundation for his or her vocal performance. This has been done numerous times in recent years, especially at weddings and similar special events. Not so long ago, people were purchasing or recording CDs, which were then played through a sound system that also had a microphone connected to it.

Some Changes

It is more common now to see the individual performer using a laptop computer, which has adequate storage space to compile a long play list. The songs are then selected and played from a menu on the computer screen. This is similar to computer use by DJs, but the singer’s CDs are usually instrumental only. Companies now offer a massive array of backing tracks online, available for direct downloading by the buyer. These same providers also offer their library of music on CD, if you prefer to use that method.


A list of uses for this specialty includes live performances, as noted above. The venues could include a wedding reception, a live concert in a venue of almost any size, or even a private gathering with a relatively small audience.

Some performers and entertainment producers also use quality backing music for television and radio productions, including commercials and promotional performances. Theatre production is a popular industry for backing technology, providing a flawless performance of music that must be repeated many times. This alone could mean the difference between poor performances and performances that meet the highest standards every night.

Other Uses

Apart from the use of backing music for live performances and productions, there are at least two more popular situations in which this technology might be used. Recording artists may choose to have some or all of the music on their next recording ready for playback at a moment’s notice. Consistency is the key element with this application.

Commercial business ventures have also chosen to use this type of music, though the description may change from “backing” to “background.” Retail outlets, shopping malls, and hospitality businesses such as hotels may choose to purchase music from a leading supplier with years of experience in providing the best of backing music.


These same companies may also offer custom tracks. This does prolong the time until the product is finished, but with a reasonable amount of lead time, the recording business will be able to provide specific genres and songs to fit almost any situation. If you need quality music on a consistent basis, backing music may just be your answer.