Helpful Pointers in Choosing a Psychic

Finding an excellent and honest psychic can be difficult. The possibility of abuse and fraud out there is very high. Not all psychics are made equal. Just like any field of endeavor, a number of psychics are more naturally suited and temperament to doing their endeavor than others. Some of them are in the field for glory or money and only a few are there because of their calling. But many hucksters and charlatans lurk among real and legitimate psychics as it is quite easy to fool people if you cannot provide hard psychical evidence of your assertion’s truth.


Psychics and Money

Some individuals claim that spiritual gifts must be free. Since the gifts are of spirit, psychics need to share them without charge with others. However, this claim ignores the fact that psychics are also human who need to sleep, eat and wear clothing. Psychics in Chicago who give their readings for free tend to lose car, clothing, home and money right away and would even find it difficult to eat every day. Thus, making money does not have to be a sign of a poor psychic. The main goal of a psychic is to offer readings with sense.


If you want a psychic who isn’t a phone line psychic, the amount charged to you doesn’t have to indicate the usefulness and accuracy of the information he gives you. Some psychics do not just depend on this endeavor for their income and they tend to charge to keep from being exploited by groupies.

Psychics, Power, Scams and Fears

You need to watch out for a psychic who tries to make use of fear, disempowerment, intimidation, doubt and uncertainty to get you to a fork over your money and power. Some fortune tellers will tell you are under some kind of curse. Often, this results in being asked to bring in money for the fortune teller to hold for you or exorcise for you or remove the curse. Never do this. Whether the person gives you a money back guarantee, don’t believe in him.


Signs of a Legitimate Psychic

Often, legitimate psychics run their endeavor like a business and treat it responsibly. They tend to advertise their ability and have some type of area or office set aside for their work. They have their own equipment and you can expect them to give you reference when you ask them to with confidentiality.

What Psychics can Do for You

The majority of psychics offer information on situations you are involved in or interested in; however, do not go beyond this. You are probably in a situation that forces you to move through and beyond. You are may be involved with a partner who never respects you or may have always experienced physical discomfort you wish to heal.


In this case, get the help of a psychic to help you in healing your situation’s original cause. There are only a few psychics who can do this level of reading. In most readings, the psychic may provide you daily information, energies and information you can use to make permanent changes in your spiritual well-being.

Author Bio: Steve Harrison is a master psychic, numerologist and tarot card reader. She authored a number of posts focused on finding psychics in Chicago.