Learn Some Tips to Select the Right Flower Girl Dress

Flower dresses put your little girl in the spotlight on any occasion. All eyes will be set on your girl as she enters the venue. This perfect dress will surely make your little girl feel confident and special throughout this big day. We are providing you a few factors that need to be considered when selecting a flower girl dress.

Choose your preferred style and color

You have all liberty to choose this dress in any style, color, fabric and fit of your choice. One of the popular dress colors is white and ivory. These flower girl dresses mimic the wedding dress of the bride. Some brides choose a dress that visually connects her to the bridal party.

Take the season into consideration

Toddler flower girl dresses that you choose should be appropriate for the season. Stick with open-toed shoes and short sleeves for warm-weather. If it is winter season, then you need to consider sweaters or tights to the collection. In this way, it will not be very cold or hot throughout the day.

Get the perfect fit

When you choose a flower girl dress, then you do not need to worry about getting the ideal fit. The fit of the flower girl dress should not look oversized, restrictive or shabby. She will look very pretty and adorable! As young children grow quickly, you must consider one size more to accommodate the growth spurts.

Get the right length

Length of the fabric should be in accordance to the age of the girl. Most of these dresses come with tea-length or floor-length. Younger girls look lovely with tea-length dresses as it does not drag on the floor and cause a tripping hazard. Flower dress with floor-length look more elegant and formal. They are most appropriate for older girls. Also, take the neckline length into consideration when buying a flower dress.

Choose the right fabric

The fabric of your flower girl dress has to match the aesthetic of a wedding. He should remain away from anything that is very stiff, heavy, or itchy. Some fabrics can cause rips and wrinkle in the gown while moving. This can make the wearer uncomfortable.

So, it is important to choose fabrics that are comfortable and durable. Some of the fabrics that are best suited for layering are organza and chiffon. Avoid silk fabric as it tears easily and can also cost you a significant penny.

Don’t forget to look at price

You can find a “bride-to-be” flower girl dress at several places like online retailers, department stores and local bridal stores. Some brides choose dresses that are explicitly made for flower girls, whereas others look for an affordable route and, then purchase a party dress.

Prior to buying a dress, you must check its price. If you making the purchase on behalf of the girl’s parents, then it is better not to select an expensive dress. Let the girl’s parents select from various different options.


No other dress catches more attention than a flower dress in the bridal party. By following these tips, you will get the cutest, fit and the most comfortable flower dress for the wedding.