Popular Birthday Party Themes for Children

Planning a fun birthday party for your child can be quite overwhelming. Even with the help of professional Right Choice Children’s Entertainment balloons Toronto you may find it difficult to figure out exactly what you should do.

Fortunately, party planning is a little easier if you think more in terms of themes.  What does the child like to do? Do they have a favorite book or movie?  What do they like to play with? When they play pretend, what do they pretend to be?

Thinking in terms of themes, then, here are some of the most popular children’s birthday party themes of the past few years.


By far, this is the most popular princess themed party right now.  Disney has just launched a show at its theme parks and a full production stage musical is underway. In the process, of course, the characters have become quite iconic and that means children could have a lot fun playing around with costumed characters or dressing up as the characters—Elsa, Ana, Kristoff, Olaf—themselves.


The Lego movie may be a few years older than Frozen, bu it is still quite popular. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the fact that the Lego brand building block toys have been popular for decades.  The movie, then, simply helped to reintroduce the massively popular toy to an entirely new generation of kids.  As such, Lego-themed parties are all the rage right now too.


One of the most successful video game concepts of all time is also one of the newest. Minecraft may be a modern game with a throwback feel to the 8-bit era.  It kind of makes sense, though, because Minecraft is a bit like a digital Lego block world.  The concept, of course, has expanded greatly over the last few years, with more video games and other digital content as well as birthday party themes too, of course.


What children love about Lego is that it is really something you build from scratch?  With that, another party theme has also taken hold, of late.  Kids these days are attending rainbow loom parties, which is basically like a crocheting party for kids.  It might sound like kids wouldn’t like it, but the popularity of rainbow loom says otherwise.