One of the most invaluable treasures of mankind is its history. With all our wars and unions, castles and canals and everything “ugly” and “Beautiful”, our history is an infinite space of possibilities. Not only can we learn from our past but if we happen to have the “vision”, then we can find traces of future in pages of history. It requires a skilled artist to be able to turn through the pages of times gone by and see the immensity of dialogues happening between the lines. Such passion makes it impossible for one to not strive to protect every small and intricate detail of the past. Nothing sings the songs of our magical past more melodiously than the raw and unaltered remains of ancient architecture and the museums that are a haven to the small but tremendously significant things used back in the time.  Not everyone has the talent, passion or a conducive lifestyle to understand and preserve the history. But history is nonetheless preserved, and in fact preserved very well by some very passionate groups for whom history is exuberance. The aspen historical society is one such community which is dedication personified when it comes history.

A leap in history for a happier future

Society has its headquarters situated at the Wheeler/Stallard Museum. This museum in itself is a very much alive and breathing testimony to the beauty of the generations that it has witnessed come and pass, realizing again and again that eventually, everything fades into the dimensions of the intangibility and sometimes absolute oblivion. Its opulent and sprawling Victorian Gardens are always an immersive spot for visitors.

Holden/Marolt Mining & Ranching Museum is another archeologically significant site surrounded by natural grasslands sprawling across acres which are bounded by hills. A view too serene and dreamy to believe and a perfect spot for an ideal family outing or a kids’ picnic. The historic downtown walking tour is something worth experiencing. History Coach Electric Vehicle Tour and Independence Ghost Town are a few other attractions maintained by the society.

History Revisited to cease the future

The Society plays host for a number of astonishing events each year and is very well suited for classic western occasions. Vintage themed occasions are also a specialty.  Exhibitions at the museums guided tours through the area and educational programs for students of all age and walks of life. Conduction of several community events is one of the abstract attractions. Since the site and event hours vary seasonally, it is recommended for one to be aware of schedule in advance.

There is a special discount for military personnel. Locations are free to be visited on the first Saturday of each month. Senior citizens and students as well are awarded discounts. The entire area is ADA-Compliant ensuring a chance to gaze at appealing views to everybody. Informative brochures are available for everyone. There is also a gift shop where you can choose from a wide range of items to gift to your loved ones or yourself too as a memento of your visit to the place. All other basic amenities are provided to make your experience with the society a memorable as well as a comfortable one. The aspen historical society awaits your presence.