Tips To Arrange Girls’ Birthday Party

When your little girl is turning a year old, you can plan something special for your princess. Along with the amazing gifts, your little girl deserves a wonderful birthday party. So, if you are looking for some quick tips to arrange a wonderful party for your daughter, we have something in the box.

What is the theme?

When it’s a girl’s birthday party you need to think exclusively from your daughter’s point of view. Usually, girl party themes are of fairylands like Oz or Hogwarts. You can opt for any of the Disney princesses themes as well. Girls love Barbie. So, deck up the venue like a Barbie fairyland and make the girl feel like the real princess.

How to checklist the stuff needed?

Having a checklist is necessary to make sure nothing got missed for the party. You need to make a list first depending on the budget. After that, checklist the shopping to be confident that nothing is missed and you have all the arrangements for the big day.

Who will be the invitees?

Involve your daughter in making her invitation cards. Nowadays, you can get a wide array of girl birthday invitations ideas online. You can also send the invitations via emails if you are picking e-cards instead.

But before that, you also have to prepare the guest list and have to cross-check twice to make sure you have listed all her friends and the relatives you need to call up.

What will be the menu?

Next, moms should decide what will be on the menu. It is not that dads cook gross. You guys can team up in arranging the catering for the party. If you think, it’s going to be a huge mess, order the food from any of the restaurants nearby with the goodwill of catering great quality food. You have to make sure that for kid’s party, the food quality must be excellent. If needed, you can undergo a proper tasting before serving.

Get a big and wonderful cake for your daughter. You can bake it at home or you can depend on the local bakery. Nowadays, theme cakes are much in. If you can afford your girl that one, she will be pleased and the smile on her face is a million dollar return gift for you!

Along with the good food, you can keep ice-cream, cookies or brownies for deserts. If it is summer, serving fresh lemonade will hydrate the kids. During winters, serve hot chocolate with biscuits and cookies as starters. Kids enjoy having these stuff always.

Will there be any return gifts?

Talking about return gifts, you are going to keep some return gifts for the guests, especially, for the children. You can make small packets of candies, pastries, pencils, crayons etc for the kids who will attend your girl’s birthday party.

 Arrange a magic show

Finally, after dinner, arrange a magic show. You can hire a local wannabe magician with great possibilities for the party. This will be a fun theme party altogether.